Terms of Tuition 


Full or partial payment has to be made prior to, or on a arrival of your first lesson.

We have a 24h missed lesson policy

This means that you can request to get one get catch up lesson for a missed music lesson when you let us / the teacher know 24h in advance that you will miss the lesson. We can only facilitate one such catch up lesson within a term. A catch up lesson is also due when a teacher has to cancel a lesson. 


We have a double absence policy

In case you should miss your music lesson twice in a row and we do not receive notification from you, you will lose your lesson place as we need to open it to someone else. 

Practice routine

Practice is vital for students to progress and succeed in exams. Regular - daily - consistent practice with home participation is most beneficial. Students must bring books & materials to each class, and theory homework must be done on time. 

Drop off and pick up

Please collect students promptly after lessons, and notify us if there will be anybody else collecting children at Fingal Academy of Music, Malahide or Cadence Music Academy Balbriggan. Our tutors cannot directly supervise minors outside of their scheduled lessons. Any children who are not picked up on time should wait / return to wait in their lesson room with the teacher until their guardian arrives. This is not an issue for any children making their own way home. If students are dropped off / arrive early FAM cannot ensure they are supervised at all times, while tutors are teaching. Students are welcome to wait outside their teaching rooms for no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson time, otherwise we recommend they are supervised by a guardian outside these times. 

If you have any further questions on this please consult our Child Protection Policy

Disruptive behaviour

Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated, and anyone deemed to be causing problems for staff, students or parents will be asked to leave. 


Photographs & Videos

These may be taken of the students during concerts and class activities for learning and promotional purposes. We will seek permission from parents before uploading any media either printed or online onto our website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts. Please indicate your opinion and consent relating to this when completing this part of our Online Registration Form.