Continuous Professional Development

Fingal Academy of Music delivers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training for schools across Fingal and beyond.


The CPD sessions supplements the national curriculum. Through these teaching training workshops, we empower and upskill teachers to help them to:


  • to enable the child to enjoy and understand music and to appreciate it critically

  • to develop the child’s openness to, awareness of and response to a wide range of musical genres, including Irish music

  • to develop the child’s capacity to express ideas, feelings and experiences through music as an individual and in collaboration with others

  • to enable the child to develop his/her musical potential and to experience the excitement and satisfaction of being actively engaged in musical creativity

  • to nurture the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence through participation in musical performance

  • to foster higher-order thinking and lifelong learning through the acquisition of musical knowledge, skills, concepts and values

  • to enhance the quality of the child’s life through aesthetic musical experience


The feedback has been positive as the training sessions encourage classroom teachers to openly speak about the areas in which they feel comfortable and those where they might lack confidence. The CPD sessions are structured in an interactive and responsive way, so that each teacher walks away with something they can use in their class the very next day!

"Dónal set up a friendly and encouraging environment where the teachers felt that they could express their strengths and weaknesses regarding the music curriculum. We were active in our learning and we had a lot of fun!"

"The content was extremely useful and appropriate and we hope to have Dónal back again soon."

If your school is interested in speaking to us about CPD, music tuition, or after-school classes, please get in touch at

We offer Continuous Professional Development sessions in the following areas:

  • Music in the classroom

  • Running a school choir

  • Teaching group ukulele

  • Teaching group guitar

  • Teaching group violin

  • Music in Transition Year