Pre-instrumental music courses are the best way to introduce your child to music at an early-age. Children who start music at a young age achieve higher results in school and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Our courses are carefully designed to take the students on a fun, structured educational experience

that maximises their learning and engagement.

The courses focus on developing the child's rhythmic coordination and pitch recognition, while also making music as fun and accessible as possible. We start by introducing your child to rhythmic games, pitched instruments and singing, followed by basic music literacy, the perfect way to prepare a child to take up an instrument or join an ensemble. 


We all know the power of a lullaby. But did you know the extensive scientific research indicating the benefits to both parents and babies of music for infants aged between 6 weeks and 9 months. To find out more about this, read our blog post here.



Sing to your Baby

Pre-instrumental I

Pre-instrumental II


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