Worldwide Music Day

This Sunday 21st June is World Music Day. This is an annual event celebrating the joy of music throughout the world, bringing people together from every genres, style and tradition of music - no matter the nation, no matter the language.

Music is a universal language, which has the power to connect us, no matter who or where we are. - Sarah May Rogers

This year, however, World Music Day will be celebrated in a different way. We will not be able to gather together to make music in a shared physical space, so musicians and music students around the globe are taking to various online platforms.

Music is a language unto itself. As such, it has an immense power to connect humanity beyond cultural or political borders. It is the ultimate unifying force and every musician is an ambassador. - Dónal Kearney

We have seen over the last three months how the power of music has helped to lift our spirit when needed most, and how much we need music and the arts in our life to help us get through distressing times. This is indisputable and we must remind ourselves just how important music is.

The most important things in life are food, healthcare, and art. - Michael T. Dawson

Music helps us in various parts of our life; it helps us to dance at parties and it helps us to mourn our loved ones. Music enhances our spiritual experiences and the nostalgia of music transports us through time.

We want to celebrate World Music day by celebrating our students' talents, so we're sharing our Friday night recital video!

Click on the picture here for link to YouTube recital:

This Sunday 21 June, we'd love for you to share the YouTube or Facebook video to our Online Recital with the hashtag #worldmusicdayThis way, we can connect with musicians and music lovers everywhere.

There are more interest events taking place, so if you'd like to learn more about World Music Day, check out the links below.

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