Top Ten Practice Tips

At Fingal Academy of Music, we are teaching hundreds of students online during this strange time. We have learned lots from our tutors and our students about how we can practise even more efficiently using technology. We have compiled a list of practice tips for all our students. We hope you enjoy!

How many Practice Tips can we start with the Letter “P”

Place - Find a comfortable & quiet space and if possible leave the instrument out of its case in open sight (somewhere safe!) as a reminder.

Patience, Positivity & Practice every day. A little bit each day is better than 30 minutes just the day before your lesson. Divide up practice into different times of day to see which works best for you. A positive relaxed mindset helps :-)

Prepare & Plan what to do each time. Set a goal for each day, what you want to achieve, whether it's a new piece, or finding a new musician on YouTube as inspiration. Write ideas in a manuscript notebook.

Pretend Scales are your favourite piece to play, perform confidently and use them as warm ups and exercises to develop good tone and intonation. (Mind over Matter!)

Posture should be relaxed – do some light stretches if muscles are tense. Use a mirror to check your instrument position.

Phrase by Phrase slowly - Focus on a short section, and spend more time on any difficult parts, rather than always starting from the beginning of a piece.

Pulse and tempo - Use a Metronome to develop steady rhythm.

Pause and repeat - Correct any mistakes immediately, don’t just skim over. If a bar or just a note needs work, stop, play it slowly, then gradually build up speed.

Press Record - on your tablet or smartphone to video yourself to hear what parts need work and what is working well. Good opportunity to examine your posture if you don’t have a large mirror.

Playlist of Music – We use our ears to learn aural skills, which we need for intonation and memory. Listening is a huge part of learning! Look up Musicians to hear their tone, and watch their posture and style. Make a Playlist of your favourite pieces.

Most imPortantly - HAVE FUN! :-)

For more inspiration and motivation - check out one of our favourite online resouces here:

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