The Show Must Go On!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The last of our 2019 FAM Academy Recital series happened on Friday 6 December. Although several of the FAM team, including a few accompanists, were struggling with festive illness, we managed to make the Recital happen in the end. The show must go on!

It was a full house and we had to bring extra chairs into the hall in order to seat all the excited family and friends. We had singers, violinists, flautists and pianists performing to a warm and supportive audience.

Siblings Leyla and Killian perform a duet

One of the vital aspects of the FAM Academy Recital series is that mistakes are accepted. In fact, they're expected. Humans are not perfect. Perfection isn't attainable.

As performers and young artists, we must learn that we cannot control everything during the performance. Sometimes the audience might be noisy, sometimes the room might be cold, sometimes a phone might go off during the quietest moment of the piece. We must be adaptable, and we must build resilience to deal with these little challenges.

In this way, it's just like real life.

"Practice makes perfect" is a lie. Music is about humanity, and humans make mistakes. We practise in order to best express ourselves through the beauty of music. Anyone can play a scale; the art comes in how beautifully you play the scale. - Dónal Kearney, FAM Co-Founder
Dónal Kearney
Performers warm-up and shed their nerves before their audience arrives

Children and adults of all ages perform in the FAM Academy Recital series. They are wonderful, committed and talent individuals who risk a lot when they step up to perform.

There is nothing like a live performance to witness the power of music. At these events, we also see people (young and old) become mature, skilled performers. In front of our very eyes.

It is mesmerising to watch the progress - even from one month to the next. Nerves and anxiety fall away to excitement and butterflies. With this transformation comes strength and power. These kids and adults learn to cope under pressure and, in doing so, they become more resilient people.

All this... Never mind the amazing sounds they are making!!

We whole-heartedly encourage you to come down to our next FAM Academy Recital - taking place in the wonderful Malahide Parish Pastoral Centre - in January 2020. Follow us on Facebook or sign up to our Newsletter to find out more.

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