Online Learning Tips

Place - Find a quiet space with no distractions and a good internet connection.

♫ Equipment - All you need is a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. The Zoom and Skype apps can be used on either device. Whatsapp can be used on a smartphone. Have your instrument ready (and tuned) along with any sheet music and practice materials.

♫ Screen Position - To check the angle, turn your screen onto selfie mode, and place it approx a metre away from you. In the screen view, the tutor should be able to see your instrument and posture. Find something sturdy to hold the screen safely at this angle.

A tripod stand is really useful. Otherwise, you might be able to use a music stand, chair, shelf, etc.

Practice Guide - FAM's Lea and Daniel share some tips with setting up for home lessons:

♫ YouTube Channel Playlists - We have started new compilations of our favourite videos filed under the following categories;

  1. Choral

  2. Orchestra

  3. Piano

  4. Violin

  5. Guitar

  6. Music Education.

Let us know if there's any Playlists you would like us to include. You can click on the Fingal Academy of Music YouTube Channel and go to "Playlists" (or just click this link).


** We are running an Easter Competition so be sure to check our social media channels for updates!***

Stay Safe and Well,

The FAM Team

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