Music Week in St. Michael's, Raheny

The FAM Schools Outreach programme has been working hard so far this term. Between choral workshops and live musical experiences, FAM is bringing music to more and more people in the local community.

On Friday 25 October, FAM supported a performance by two local artists in St. Michael's Special Needs School in Raheny. The school held "Music Week" this week as part of the Junior Certificate curriculum.

Fingal Youth Choir conductor, Eoin Conway, performed alongside Lea Försterling, the Fingal Academy of Music Manager. Both are professional singers with international performance experience, and they loved singing for the students of St. Michael's.

"They all got really calm when we sang. It was great." - Lea Försterling

Outside, the day was grey and wet. Inside, all the students in the room were dressed in seasonally spooky and colourful costumes. Most of the children in the class are usually non-verbal, and this live musical performance was organised by the music department as a way to expose the students to high-calibre artistic experiences.

Academy Manager Lea Försterling is a professional vocalist with lots of singing and piano students at FAM. She is also an amateur cellist who loves to learn new things! She loved how the students participated in the performance.

"They all listened attentively. One boy even conducted the singers throughout their performance. He was super into it!" - Lea Försterling

St. Michael's music teacher Kate Collier organised the wonderful event and told FAM just how important music is for her students at St. Michael's.

"It was astounding how still and calm some of these children during the performance. We could really see the calming effect of the music!" - Kate Collier
Eoin Conway, Kate Collier and Lea Förseterling at the Music Week performance in St. Michael's, Raheny

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