Music has never been scarier!

The Rugby Club is quiet. It's a misty October morning. The 31st October, in fact. All Hallow's Eve...

One by one, little children approach the building, dripping with blood, shrouded in hoods, draped in cloaks, bearing knives and clutching weapons. What could possibly be happening?!

It's Sounds Good! Halloween Music Camp. During the mid-term break, from 29 October and 1 November, dozens of children came together to make music together, make new friends, discover new sounds, form bands, and write completely original songs.

My son had a fantastic week!

Some of these songs discussed the hot topics of the day, including spooky moonlit nights, zombies in the graveyard, and howling werewolves. Others addressed climate change and endangered species. One thing is for sure - children make for fantastic lyricists!

Thank you so much for such a lovely showcase and a great week. It was very inclusive, very good atmosphere and my two children loved it! The showcase was brilliant!

On Friday 1 November, all camp participants performed in the Sounds Good! showcase, demonstrating their talents on a variety instruments including ukulele, guitar, boomwhackers, drum kit, xylophone, lots of untuned percussion instruments, and - of course - singing!

We want to say thanks to all the amazing kids who took part, gave their all, and made music together. Thanks to all the families who chose to give their kids these opportunities. Finally, thanks to our fantastic team of music educators: Hugh Clarke, Daniela García, Aidan Mulloy and Lea Försterling.

My boys had such a great week, with a wonderful introduction into the world of music. Super showcase by all the children today. Thank again.

Get in touch now if you'd like to sign up for the

Sounds Good! Easter Summer Camp!

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