Learning Music as an Adult

Returning to education as an adult can be a daunting task, whether it is a personal goal or a lifelong dream.

As we well know, children have no fear and adapt to new situations much easier than adults do. A culmination of our life experiences and preconceptions about what a music lessons might entail can make signing up for an online course a bit daunting.

However, it is never too late.

The music teachers at Fingal Academy of Music (FAM) are completely comfortable with adult learners and are always supportive of students, no matter their age. Indeed, we have a significant number of adult learners on our roster, not to mention the adults singing in our various choral programmes!

There are several scientifically proven benefits to learning music as an adult, including:

  1. Cognitive - music education assists with memory retention

  2. Social - music is all about communication and music-making at FAM is inherently social

  3. Health - there are significant physical and mental health benefits to music-making

  4. Educational - it helps us to learn other things, building neural circuits

  5. Therapeutic - music is increasingly used in medical settings for its therapeutic benefits

One of the most fascinating discoveries in the field of neuroscience relates to music's impact on neurological impairment.

We have listed a few of our favourite articles for you here:

At Fingal Academy of Music, we are really proud of our adult learners, and in particular would like to feature two of our oldest students, Vincent Toal and John Flannery. (Don’t worry, we won’t give their ages away)

Quote from John Flannery, violin student -

“As a late starter I find all lessons very informative and enjoyable and can't wait for the restart.”

Quote from Vincent Toal, piano student -

"I am very glad I started piano lessons at the school. The staff are really supportive and my teacher, Liz,  is excellent."

Photo above right, of Vincent performing at Cadence Music Academy Christmas Concert in Balrothery Heritage Centre, 2019.

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