Fingal Social Inclusion Week

Fingal Academy of Music is proud to support the Fingal Inclusion Week, an initiative led by Fingal County Council and Fingal Public Participation Network (the PPN).

2019 is the first year this initiative has taken place in Fingal. Over one hundred events are taking place across the County of Fingal from Monday 11th November to Sunday 17th November. All Fingal Inclusion Week events are free to attend and open to everyone.

Of particular interest to the team at Fingal Academy of Music were the following fascinating events:

  • Funding Social Inclusion Activity and Effective Fundraising

  • Strengthening Communities: Reduce Anti Social Behaviour and Build Community Partnerships

  • Irish Society and Interculturism

  • Arts, Community, Heritage and Sports Linkage Group

Having read in detail the Arts, Cultural Inclusion and Social Cohesion report, which dates all the way back to January 2007, the team here at FAM is keen to be a part of any initiative addressing these issues. Ireland - and Fingal, in particular - has changed beyond recognition since this document was written, and improvements must be addressed in terms of Cultural Inclusion and Social Cohesion.

We at FAM believe music education has a big part to play in the future of Fingal.

A commitment to social inclusion requires that we embrace all facets of life including the economic, political and cultural domains. While we are familiar with the concepts of economic marginalisation and social exclusion, we are less so with that of cultural exclusion. By cultural exclusion we mean exclusion from access to cultural goods and resources that are regularly accessed by the better-off in society. Learning a musical instrument, appreciating how music is composed and performed, developing the capacity to understand and interpret visual culture, for example, provide children (and adults) with access to rich cultural resources that interact with social capital1 to contribute to quality of life and well-being.

The inaugural Fingal International Festival of Voices takes place from 12-15 March 2020. This unique singing festival is focused on celebrating diversity and will provide a platform for individuals and communities to showcase their culture in locations across Balbriggan and the surrounding areas. Workshops and classes on singing and conducting will be available to anyone attending the festival and will be led by our national and international guests. 

To find out more about what's been happening during Fingal Social Inclusion Week, please visit for more information.

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