FAM Team Mid-Term Catch-Up

The FAM Team met up in Malahide during their mid-term break to regroup, catch up, and talk about the progress of their students.

The FAM Winter Gala on Sunday 16 February may have been targeted by a storm Dennis, but it was an uplifting and rewarding event for all involved.

On the agenda for the Team catch-up was a range of topics from the definition of "impact" in music education, how to improve the Academy Recitals series, and ensuring as many resources as possible are available to the full team.

The teachers also chatted about the wonderful new podcast by the Irish Institute of Music & Song, episode 2 of which features interviews with Academy Manager Lea Försterling and Cadence Director Sarah May Rogers. You can listen here.

The FAM Team is full of inspiring music educators, many of whom are busy performers on the national and international circuit. The team discussed some of the positives from the term since tuition resumed in January, some of which are pictured.

The conversation also included ideas for full classroom engagement, the use of games, and how one-to-one tutors might use these materials in their teaching studio. The teachers also couldn't stop themselves from getting into it with some interactive exercises and experiential learning. What started out as a chat turned into something of a workshop!

The FAM team is looking forward to the coming few weeks until Easter. There will be two Academy Recitals - especially for exam students preparing for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Music practicals.

FAM is also running SOUNDS GOOD! Easter Music Camps and a Leaving Cert Revision course. These are both very popular, so please get in touch asap to book your place!

Do get in touch today if you have a question and we'll get back to you right away!

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