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FAM offers a new six lesson 'Stay at Home' Music course in the following instruments:





Receive top quality music tuition with one of our best music tutors in the comfort of your own home. Our highly experienced educators are passionate about teaching and making your online music lesson as fun, exciting and rewarding as possible.


We believe that students can receive an excellent level of tuition online. It is a fantastic opportunity to use in this time to develop as a musician and we encourage all students to practise and enjoy music making at home.


All you will need is your instrument, a quiet room, a phone / laptop and a good internet connection.

We accept:

"Our first online lesson went great! Elena was delighted and I really think it’s fantastic how FAM makes it work. It’s great to have the online learning experience for them. It keeps routine going, they are interacting, learning something new and also adapting to the current situation."

- Anett (parent)


Feel free to get in contact to find out more about booking lessons, masterclasses, choirs and events.


Phone: 089 614 7211

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