FAM's Singing Programme 


Set up in 2013, Fingal choral programme was designed to provide a platform for children and teenagers to develop their voice, strengthen their musicianship and interact via cultural exchanges with other singing groups from around the world. 


Since then, the groups have performed on various short films and more well known T.V series such as "Vikings", recorded the soundtracks for commercial like Dr. Dre's Beats with Conor Mc Gregor, toured Scotland and Germany, won numerous awards at choral competitions across Ireland and hosted cultural exchanges with choirs from Europe and the U.S. The singing team is made up of experienced voice teachers, conductors, music educators and is focused on using singing not only as tool for individual growth but also as a platform for bringing communities closer.



Feel free to get in contact to find out more about booking lessons, masterclasses, choirs and events.

Email: info@fingalacademyofmusic.com

Phone: 089 614 7211

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